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Vibrant Performance AN Hose End - 90 Degree

Vibrant Performance AN Hose End - 90 Degree

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Vibrant Performance Hose End Fittings

Vibrant Performance's AN 90 Degree Hose End Fittings are created with high quality lightweight T6061 aluminum that can work in many different applications such as fuel delivery, oil, etc. 

These fittings will work great with Vibrant Performance's Stainless Braided AN Hoses or Nylon Braided Hoses.

We currently carry three different sizes of AN fittings:

-6AN - PT. # VIBAN90-6AN

-8AN - PT. # VIBAN90-8AN

-12AN - PT. # VIBAN90-12AN


1-Year Limited Warranty by Vibrant Performance

**Do not return to us if you have issues or warranty claims, contact Vibrant Performance directly!

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